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President's Corner (1/1/2015)

I'm now working for Boeing and was considering starting a table tennis club with that company.  Obviously it would be quite a bit of paperwork to get off the ground, but I was wondering if that wouldn't discover more table tennis enthusiasts in our area that would like to come out and play.

Before I move forward with such an effort I was wondering what the current SPTTC players would think if the tables were moved to another location and combined to have all 12 tables available at the same time.

I'm continuing to ask around for places that might be willing to partner with us.  It would likely require us to pay some money, but might be better in the long run.  E-mail me your thoughts...better yet e-mail me a location that might consider allowing our tables to be stored onsite.

Always check this website right before you leave to come to an open practice time to make sure that it indicates we are open for play.

Randy Kendle
Saint Peters Table Tennis Club, President
Home: 636-928-6081
Cell: 314-800-5377